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This is for Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown,

 Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddie Grey,

Sandra Bland, Mario Woods, Philando Castile…

This is for the deaths that are senseless, untimely and unjust

Injustice rearing its ugly head every time we stop and stare

And these criminal acts go unchecked and the murders never end


In the name of fighting crime,

Who will police the police?

Who will protect our children?

Who will trust the judicial system?

Who will console the mothers and fathers?

Who are left to bury their children?


Something stinks when police choke and kill a human being

Because of selling cigarettes on a street corner,

Something stinks when twenty shots are fired into a lifeless body,

Something terribly stinks when a traffic stop leads to death in a jail cell,

Something stinks when a child with a toy gun is shot to death because a police feared for his life,

Something stinks when children witness the murder of their loved ones by police,

Whose work is to “protect” our children.

And something terribly stinks when most of these cops are not convicted!



Ohh it stinks like a dead skunk

Stinks like rotten eggs

Stinks like a carcass

Stinks like a cloud of fear

Stinks like slavery

Stinks like a massacre

Stinks like a mass grave

Stinks like a river of blood

Stinks like death itself

Ooh something really stinks in the USA!


But despite the reek, the deaths, the brutality and arrogance

We speak in the hope that justice will spring forth like lilies in the garden,

We look for a ray of sunshine to burst forth and scorch the racism,

We pray for the rainfalls of thunder to come and wash away the stench of violence,

We seek for the wind of change to bring forth a just system,

We bang at doors of power demanding that truth open and trample fear,

We march for Black Lives Matter! in order to protect our children,

We live to fight another day, with the faith that tomorrow

God helps us! We will see an end to injustice and deaths!


By Anna Mwalagho.

© copyright material.

Coming to America!


On August 13th 2000, I landed in the USA with one suitcase and no one to pick me up at the LAX airport. All I had was a paper with directions. And as I boarded that taxi at age 22 with my courage and personality I explained to the taxi driver with my heavy accent where I was headed to, in the blue van taxi full of strangers! Indeed, from the outside it was the land of milk and honey as I had imagined. Little did I know that this country would sharpen me, take me through some difficult challenges, strengthen, weaken me and mold me to the woman I am. I remember talking to one of my friend’s when I had just arrived and she told me, “ welcome to the United Stress of America”. Stress was an understatement. I had to undergo two fibroid surgeries and much more, which I believe happened because of stress!

I had only one weapon with me that was my source of strength, healing, survival, and hope… my God, my lord Jesus Christ, my catholic faith.

My faith has kept me through the fire, the storms, the hell and high waters of the United States of America! As a catholic I have seen the power of the rosary many times. I have experienced the light and hope of God many times, even when people doubted me and told me I was “ mark timing” in the USA, because I was an undocumented individual pursuing my art and love, when many of my friends tempted me to marry for papers to avoid the “Wahala” of living under the radar, when my car could only make left turns, when I was living paycheck to pay check, being conned, cheated on, betrayed and hurt or when I had three jobs at the same time!

 I still believed, trusted and prayed day and night. I fasted when I could and I told God my desires. I visualized my goals and wrote them down. It is said in the bible “ write down your vision and make it plain”, Habbakuk 2:2.  I wrote down my visions. I told God my greatest desire was to get my legal status, go home and see my family, my mom, dad, grandma and siblings.

My friends, God delivered and then some!  He did in a big way. Not only did I get my status, I married the most loving man, my better half. We went to Kenya to do our second wedding with an entourage of 16 relatives from America.  My father who was so ill took me down the aisle along with my mom and we truly enjoyed our wedding. In the meantime, my career as an artist blossomed even without documentation. I was able to perform at some great institutions and government agencies, entertain a multitude of people and audiences, and start my own company, Mwalagho Productions.

I believe in what God says in the bible. “For I have a plan for you, a plan for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope”, Jeremiah 29:11.

God has never left my side, but I have.  I am a sinner, I make mistakes, I get lazy and I forget whose I am and whom I am representing in this world. I offend others and mess up! So yesterday, August 15th 2016, I got a reawakening from God.

I was driving on route 50 East towards Annapolis, and suddenly my car had a puncture or rear tire burst at around 3:50PM. I was in the middle of saying my rosary, which I had stop praying for a longtime because of laziness. I was just about to get on to the beltway/ highway, and if it was not for God I probably would have ended on the beltway with a tire burst and God knows what would have happened next. I rarely stop on the shoulder but something told me to stop. I called my husband and told him the problem, and I called my insurance to get roadside assistance. I am always scared of stopping on the shoulder because I have heard of tragic accidents happening when one stops. So I decided to go to the bush that was close to the road and wait for the assistance. I was nervous and all I did was to pray. That is when God revealed himself and herself to me and answered some of my prayers and questions.

God said, “People don’t receive because they do not ask”.  It says in the bible  “ Ask and you shall receive.” (Mathew 7:7) but remember when we ask we have to humble ourselves, we have to have forgiven, and to have love in our hearts because God is a just God.

Secondly God told me to tell others about the things he has done for me, so that others too can know God and believe. I should not hide his blessings and should not shy away from professing my faith and beliefs because if it were not for God’s mercy and love I would not be writing this.  I probably would not know what Facebook is, I probably would be sad, depressed and a wreck somewhere!

If I told you that doctors had told me that I might not be able to bear a child because my uterine lining was too thin and had fluid, and now I have a loving, healthy wonderful baby boy! If I told you that I lived in America for TEN years with no social security number but having a legal drivers’ license, working a full time job and also started my own legit business.  If I told you that God delivered me from some ordeals that could have gotten worse! My friend, God lives and reigns, and those who know him/her are blessed! I have so much to say but I pen off here. I am thankful and grateful for all the people God put along my path, to assist me and direct me to the right way, many strangers who have now become family and friends, my relatives and acquaintances and little children who will always tell you the truth. Like Oprah said “ Tell God to reveal the dreams he /she has for you” and whatever it is, you will not regret it! I would love to come to your city to do my one-woman show, but until then God bless you, peace and much love.


By Anna Mwalagho.

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