Anna Mwalagho



This is for Rekia Boyd, Eric Garner, Michael Brown,

 Laquan McDonald, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddie Grey,

Sandra Bland, Mario Woods, Philando Castile…

This is for the deaths that are senseless, untimely and unjust

Injustice rearing its ugly head every time we stop and stare

And these criminal acts go unchecked and the murders never end


In the name of fighting crime,

Who will police the police?

Who will protect our children?

Who will trust the judicial system?

Who will console the mothers and fathers?

Who are left to bury their children?


Something stinks when police choke and kill a human being

Because of selling cigarettes on a street corner,

Something stinks when twenty shots are fired into a lifeless body,

Something terribly stinks when a traffic stop leads to death in a jail cell,

Something stinks when a child with a toy gun is shot to death because a police feared for his life,

Something stinks when children witness the murder of their loved ones by police,

Whose work is to “protect” our children.

And something terribly stinks when most of these cops are not convicted!



Ohh it stinks like a dead skunk

Stinks like rotten eggs

Stinks like a carcass

Stinks like a cloud of fear

Stinks like slavery

Stinks like a massacre

Stinks like a mass grave

Stinks like a river of blood

Stinks like death itself

Ooh something really stinks in the USA!


But despite the reek, the deaths, the brutality and arrogance

We speak in the hope that justice will spring forth like lilies in the garden,

We look for a ray of sunshine to burst forth and scorch the racism,

We pray for the rainfalls of thunder to come and wash away the stench of violence,

We seek for the wind of change to bring forth a just system,

We bang at doors of power demanding that truth open and trample fear,

We march for Black Lives Matter! in order to protect our children,

We live to fight another day, with the faith that tomorrow

God helps us! We will see an end to injustice and deaths!


By Anna Mwalagho.

© copyright material.


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